The Dresdner Fechtschul is a joint event. Means: who participates should also be able to help. Be it as a judge, help afterwards or assisst the tournament organizers. We hope to see you in Dresden!

Mit der Teilnahme am Turnier erklärt ihr euch bereit, die geltenden Regeln einzuhalten. Jeder Fechter hat vor Turnierbeginn die Bestimmungen zu Haftung und Datenschutz zu unterschreiben. Die Teilnahme am Turnier ist ab 18 Jahre möglich.

These are the following tournament optins:
- mens tournament
- womens tournament
- mixed beginners tournament
You can only participate at the beginners tournament if you: - fenced maximum 2 tournaments - have full fencing gear according to the DDHF standart


This years rules:

The ruleset is based on the frame ruleset of the DDHF (german).

The specific ruleset for the tournament (scoring, pools,...) will be the Freyfechtterregelwerk (en-US) of the DDHF.

Änderungen zum Regelwerk:
Kampfzeit in der Poolphase: 4min
Kampfzeit in den Eliminations: 5min

The knowledge of the rules is mandatory for the participation of the tournament.

maximum weight of the feder: 1,6kg
jackets and pants have to have atleast 350N protection


The results will be released after the tournament.